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Busy day today ;) July 30, 2011

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Today our family loaded up to go to Fort Walton.. we went to the mall to pick up my wedding ring that has been with Marks and Morgan Jewelers for a while now. They had to tighten some stones and rhodium it. It looks absolutely amazing! While there, I had all of my other jewelry checked for loose stones and cleaned up. It was definitely worth the trip. We stopped in at Chili’s for some lunch and then had to head home quickly in order to get the trucks cleaned up before the storm comes. So, that’s where we are; home. the hubby and the kids are cleaning the trucks now…and I just finished up some school work that is due today for my business law course.

I am feeling a bit bloated today :(. I haven’t got to work out yet…and I am not thinking I will be able to- too much to do. That is why I try to fit in my workouts in the AM and not try to rush in the evening to try to do it. Last night I had 2 egg whites and 1 egg for dinner…I know it doesn’t sound like much..but the hubby was off fishing and I couldn’t find my Shakeology bag :(. Have you ever had the feeling that you stuck something somewhere and you know for certain that’s where it was…? Well, I had that… and I was not too happy that I couldn’t find it! LOL! So, I made me a few eggs…and then, guess what?!? I found my shakeology bag! LMAO! It was behind some stuff on the freezer. I guess I got into a rush earlier yesterday and placed it in the wrong spot! LOL! So, first thing this morning, I made the kids some biscuits and muffins with assorted jellies and preservatives to choose from. And I had a nice glass of chocolate shakeology with half a banana in it 🙂 YUM!  Breakfast was really late b/c I stayed up waiting on the hubby to get home (which was around 5am…so we did not get up until 10:00 or 10:30 am. So, lunch happened around 3:30- 4ish…. I ate at Chili’s like I mentioned earlier. I had a lean mushroom and provolone burger on wheat with fat-free honey mustard. 😀 YUM! I only ate half of it though and brought the other half home! LOL! I was so full still from the shakeology! So, I will probably have the other half here in a little bit… It’s 6 pm now, and I try not to snack or eat anything after 8pm. It’s a good rule of thumb to go by. Be sure to check out my advice section at the top of this blog site…

Anyhow, I have to check into beachbody and the forums I regular 🙂 then, it’s off to help the hubby finish washing the trucks! I plan to add a few more things in the advice section for you all tonight or first thing in the AM, so be sure to keep checking back. And remember!, share the link to my blog with your friends on FB, MySpace, Google +1, or anywhere else you regular. There is a ton of great advice and information here on my blog site that should be shared, not hoarded! LOL! 😀

Don’t forget, ask questions…and if you have something you want me to talk about, or something you would like to see more advice on, please let me know. I am here with the purpose of helping you and everyone else stay sane, healthy, and of course…FIT! 😀 Join me 🙂




Health Tip – Add Protein Powder to Your Baking July 29, 2011

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Health Tip – Add Protein Powder to Your Baking

Add Protein Powder to your BakingMany people struggle to get in their protein during the day.  We’ve come up with a creative solution, and it’s far easier than you thought.

Boost your protein intake and speed up your weight loss, and consider using protein powder in some of the baking you do.

In most recipes, it’s really as simple as replacing half of the flour you need with a protein powder instead which will not only increase the overall protein content of your baked good (which is traditionally quite low) but it will also add great taste.

An added bonus: it will make you feel fuller when you finish eating it.

Vanilla and chocolate flavored protein powders typically work the best, though there are also many fruit variety flavors available on the market as well today. You’ll find a variety of protein powders to be very versatile, so try some experimental baking with them. After a few adventurous baking sessions, you will see how well they fit in to a lot of your favorite recipes. 

If you are using protein powder in your baking you’ll want to look for a soy or whey variety.  Stay away from casein protein powders, as these generally don’t work as well.

Add Protein Powder to Other Foods too

Try stirring protein powder into a bowl of oatmeal, or mixing it into cottage cheese, or adding it to your yogurt smoothie.

So there you have some quick and easy tips that will help you boost your protein intake. 

-Dr. Cederquist


Don’t Drown a Fish — in Fat!

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Don’t Drown a Fish — in Fat!

Hold the mayo please…to keep from drowning your fish in a pool of fat.  Mayo makes your lean tuna turn super fatty.  The fats found in mayonnaise are the high-calorie, heart disease kind.

Instead try these ideas for adding flamboyant flavor and creating taste that is fabulous for tunafish lovers everywhere.


1. Lemon Pepper Seasoning with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

2. Try 1/4 cup greek yogurt with chives for a creamy tasty tuna.

3. Spice it up with 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite hot sauce or 1/4 tsp of crushed red pepper

4.  Try adding 1/4 cup of sliced sweet onions and add 2 tablespoons of seasoned rice vinegar.


Hunger Alert: Emergency Foods that Curb Appetite

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Hunger Alert: Emergency Foods that Curb Appetite

Your house needs hunger-extinguishing foods — good-for-you foods that will put out starvation cues and curb your appetite in case of an emergency.   Follow your diet-safety information packet, and be sure to have these foods readily on hand.

What to Eat in a Pinch:

1. Handful of almonds, peanuts, or walnuts, or 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.

2. Edamame (frozen), Pop in the microwave and add a pinch of sea salt.

3. 1.5 oz of Beef or Turkey Jerky (low-sodium).

4. 3 oz can of tunafish with seasoning.

5. Pop a protein bar that has at least 10g of protein in it.

6. In a really appe-tight spot? Pop a piece of gum or a sugar-free breath mint,  it will distract your mind from the ‘taste’ part of hunger.

-Dr. Cederquist


Fast Tips to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

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Fast Tips to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Fast Tips to Stay Motivated to Lose WeightWhen you first begin a weight loss program, it’s like the honeymoon phase.  Everything is new and you are planning ahead.  You start to gain a little momentum. You see some good weight loss progress. 

Now fast forward four to six weeks ahead, and all of a sudden, that chicken breast on a salad just doesn’t sound as exciting as before.  Lots of people struggle with staying motivated on a weight loss plan, and everyone reaches a point when they are less motivated.

Don’t give up.  This is something worth starting, and it’s also something worth finishing.  This is your make-it-or-break-it-time.  Recognize that you are in a fork in the road.  Are you going to stay with this? 


Often the culprit making you want to quit is boredom, so here are some hints to shake it up a bit.  Let’s get you out of the rut and keep things interesting.

1.   Workout with A Friend

Having a workout buddy that will keep you accountable and help you pass the time more quickly will also help you get some good social time in. If you are naturally a social butterfly, then this is the best way to avoid skipping a workout so you can meet friends.  Instead of going out for coffee or shopping, book a session or two together at a gym.

 A lot of local gyms have 1 week free trial offers, and many of the residential areas in Naples have workout facilities on site.  Schedule yourselves an hour to sweat together, with a little time for chatting in between.   You’ll get to socialize, and help your health at the same time.

2. Rediscover your Goals

Chart and track your progress over the course of a month.  Congratulate yourself on your progress, no matter how small it is.  instead of huge, long-term goals, challenge yourself with small, short term stepping stones, like ”In two weeks, I want to be down at least 5 pounds.”

These little mini-goals will help you go the longer distance.  When you have met weight-loss goals in the past, it gives you confidence that you can continue doing it.  Just keep your eye on the prize.

3.  Take Progress Pictures

As you look at yourself each day, you may not notice any changes, as they are difficult to see.  It’s really difficult to assess daily progress. 

One of the best ways around this is to make sure you snap a progress picture every two to three weeks.  While you may not be able to notice a difference in your body over two to three days, you will be surprised to see the progress you have made over two to three weeks.

With those progress pictures to mark just how much progress you really are making, it will boost your overall motivation dramatically.

4. Try A New Recipe

If it’s dietary boredom that you’re battling, one great technique is to make use of a new recipe.  With so many different healthy recipes available there’s no reason why you should be only eating two or three different meals.  Liven up your menu, by getting curious about new foods that are acceptable on your plan.  Also, try opening a weight-loss cookbook, which will jog you brain and get your creative chef spark glowing.

Making sure that you aren’t defaulting to the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day will help keep you going.  If you’re eating similar meals day in and day out, you will likely get bored, whether you are dieting or not.

5. Book A Session With A Trainer

It can be invaluable to have someone walk you through your workout program and make a few changes to freshen it up.  It also makes the routine more interesting, as we don’t have to think about what exercise is next, it’s already done for us.

The accountability that booking with a trainer brings is invaluable.  It would be so much easier just to not go exercise, but if you have an appointment a couple of times per week you are much more likely to show up for some sweat-time.

Next time your resolve starts to slip, turn to one of these tips.  Maintaining your motivation is definitely something we all have to work on, but when you use find tips and ideas that work well for you, it’s no longer going to be such a challenge.




Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

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Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

Choose these Quick and Easy foods as snacks to help you lose weight.

1 10-calorie Jello with 1/4 cup ricotta cheese

small apple with low-fat cheesesmall orange with handful of almonds

carrots or celery with low-fat cheese

10g low-sugar protein bar

10-15g protein shake

1 oz of deli meat rolled up around 1 tablespoon of lowfat cream cheese and 1 dill pickle quarter

1/2 cup cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons sugar free jam

1 cup Edamame

3 oz can of tuna with seasoning and lemon juice

1 tablespoon of peanut butter, on celery or right off the spoon!

20 almonds with 1 teaspoon of dried, unsweetened cranberries

1.5 oz beef or turkey jerky (low sodium)Soy Crisps (20 crisps)



Having Trouble Sleeping? Get Sweet Sleep

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Having Trouble Sleeping? Get Sweet Sleep

Life can be a bit hectic for us all. With kids and phone calls, social events and visitors and travel, it’s no wonder there is not as much time left for sleeping.  We dip into sleep reserves to do other things.  We stay up later to finish projects, clean the kitchen, or catch up on emails. The restful, restorative sleep that our body requires gets sacrificed all too quickly.

Or maybe you have plenty of time to sleep, but you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  If you have trouble with waking frequently during the night, there are many reasons this occurs and lots of ways to help make your sleep longer and sweeter.

It’s obvious that we need to do the things we already know about, like avoiding caffeine-containing beverages after about 12 noon, and avoiding napping.  If those kinds of changes have not worked for you, then try some of these helpful tricks to falling asleep.

Hints for Restful Sleep

Avoid alcohol (wine, beer and hard liquor) within 3 hours of bedtime. Scientific research that shows it can cause you to wake periodically through the night, as it causes blood sugar fluctuations.

Avoid Sudafed or other decongestant cold medicines at night.

Complete any aerobic exercise before 6 pm (or at least 3 hours before bedtime).  This allows your body to process through metabolite and allows for more restful sleep.


Consider taking magnesium before bedtime.

Try a warm bath with Epsom Salts added, as this contains magnesium sulfate which can be absorbed through the skin.

Consider 1-3 mg of melatonin 2 hours before bedtime, if you frequently go to sleep too late. Check with you doctor before you start this, as melatonin can interact with certain medications.

Avoid spicy foods before bed.
Bedding and Pillows

Consider using a “side sleeper” pillow for under your neck when sleeping on your side, or try a body pillow to hug and put between your knees to align your back and shoulders at night.

Roll backwards at a slight angle onto a body pillow if you have hip bursitis.

Consider replacing your pillows with hypoallergenic pillows. Use Ultrafine allergy pillow and mattress covers.

Avoid sleeping on a water bed or an electric mattress.

Make sure your sleeping area is the correct temperature range (not too hot or too cold).

Sleep Planning and Bedroom Preparation

Making your environment a sweet place to sleep can do a lot for your rest and relaxation. Planning ahead and making a full night’s rest a higher priority can help.  Plan your sleep by putting it into your schedule; plan for 7 to 9 hours in bed, allowing for appropriate falling-asleep time. As much as possible, go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. This will help train your biological clock.

Light, Noise, Temperature, and Environmental Issues

Turn down the light in the bathroom and in rooms you are in 15 minutes before going to bed.

Use dark window shades or consider a set of eye shades if you awaken too early because of light.

Avoid sleeping near electric fields. Try to have your head at least 5 feet away from electric fields, if possible. Possible sources of electrical fields include: electrical outlets, clock radios, stereos, computers and monitors. Consider moving these devices or moving your bed or your position in the bed.  

Bedroom Air Quality

Keep your bedroom air clean, especially if you have nasal congestion or are prone to snoring. If your nose is blocked up, consider using a saline spray before bed. Also consider Breathe-Easy strips on your nose.

Try using HEPA or other types of air purifiers or filters to clean the air in your bedroom.  Set the filter on a low setting at night if the noise is soothing. Consider cleaning the vents in your house once a year and make sure you change your furnace filters every 3 months. Avoid toxic glues or other items producing an odor before bed.  If you see mold or have a musty smell in your bedroom, have it checked or cultured for mold with culture plates. If there is mold, have the house evaluated for water leaks and air quality issues to be fixed and see that the mold is cleaned appropriately.

Nighttime Tension and Anxiety

Avoid reading or watching the news, or reading stimulating, exciting materials before going to bed.

Avoid paying bills or checking your financial reports or the stock market before bedtime.

Avoid arguments before bedtime.

Schedule difficult conversations well before bedtime—preferably at least 3 hours before.


-Dr. Cederquist


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