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Update on things! + HCG update February 9, 2012

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Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since my last post—-sorry about that! Things have been pretty hectic. I started working at a local hospital which I will not name…just in case I rant in the future…LOL! But, it has been crazy there. I have to be in the worst department for gossiping I have ever seen or dealt with. And, because I am not a gossip person, I do not fit in too well I think. I am still job hunting though, for a more suitable job, or career. Perhaps something that my degrees actually matter in. That is really important to me. I know the job market sucks right now, but I would like to at least “feel” that I have not wasted a bunch of time and money on two degrees that will not help me in the job market at all. That’s how I feel right now though. How can so much hard work and education just be let to go to waste? It just isn’t fair. It’s hard to teach responsibility to our teenage daughter and talk to her about going to college when she sees that it is not getting me anywhere in the job market, let alone getting me a career. Anyhow, enough ranting about that for the time being….LOL

My children are growing up wonderfully! 4, 6, 10, and 14 currently. My 6-year-old turns 7 on the 15th of this month! He is getting SO big! And I am so proud of him, as well as the rest of the kids. Grades have been coming up, personalities increasing, and altogether, life is fine the way it is.

We have been trying to find a new place. We wanted to buy something, say a double wide, to put on our property with a nice down payment made in cash- no property as collateral but that’s not turning out too well… So, today I looked for homes and land for sale by owner through owner financing. Hopefully I can find something worth our time. We really do need to get out of the rental we are in. A year or so more and it might fall down around us…ugh. So, hopefully the search will go well.

School is going good for me as well. Got an A in my last few classes, which helps increase my GPA. My last course ends at the end of August, so I am ready for August to get here and decrease my stress level. I am planning on finding a campus to go “walk” for my graduation ceremony, since this is the last degree I plan to pursue at this time.

Oh…and remember all the ventures I spoke about in the past that dealt with weight loss? Do you remember me talking about how I am probably a walking diet pill book? LOL…well, that still holds true. I tried a few others over the last few months- no luck with them. I stopped doing my insanity program because of the lack of time I have now that i work and come home and try to fit in school and the kids and hubby. BUT. I have lost 30 lbs so far! How??? HCG. That’s right, I went there. LOL. Many people are bashing on the stuff because there are so many fake products out there that others have been wasting money on. Well, this is true with EVERY product. Anytime something new comes out- a hundred or so more fake ones of the same thing are produced. You just have to find the “real stuff”. My friend lost weight on the same stuff, although I am not sure of the weight loss number she stopped on. Another friend of mine has been paying 300 a month for the nasal HCG at her doctor- that was until I told her about the oral drops that I use that do the same thing and only cost $40. So, now she has converted and has been dropping constantly.

So, for those of you wondering, or that have never even heard of HCG. It is a hormone that all women and men naturally produce in their bodies; women massively more than men. When this hormone is combined with a massive calorie restriction, you lose weight. men are more successful the women, but both have incredible success. The hard part, in the beginning, is not eating things with sugar and starches in them. I love potato wedges and honey mustard, and rocky road ice cream…but I cannot have any of that stuff… YET. So, the first two days you take the drops, you gorge…which means you eat EVERYTHING you can get your hands on! And I mean EVERYTHING! You will definitely be sick of food by the end of the first day. The more you eat, and the moreun-healthier you eat during the first two days, the more you lose when you go through the period of calorie restriction…trust me. You lose 1-3 lbs a day for about a week or so, and then .4-2 lbs a day after that period of time. You can do the drops and restriction (which is called phase 2) for 40 or 60 days. Then, after that, you do three weeks of maintainance in phase 3…which means you stop taking the drops, and you can eat reasonably whatever you want, with an exception of sugar items and starch items.  Then, after 21 days of phase 3 (3 weeks), you do 21 days (3 weeks) of phase 4, which is the stage where you start adding in items with sugar and starch into your everyday diet, increasing your intake of such items as the days go by, so that your body can start learning to deal with the items without you gaining weight. After the 21 days of this, you are on a normal diet (I would still eat healthy if I were you…). Being on the diet really teaches you to appreciate food and make better choices too. I have enjoyed it so far. I am NEVER hungry, because the drops are also an appetite suppressant. I have also cheated many times, thus why my loss is not more than 30 lbs at this point. I just did a “steak day” the day after when I saw the additional weight b/c of my cheat. I started at 161 lbs, I am at 131 lbs. AND, OMG am I loving the change. I have dropped 5 sizes in pants and am not in a small shirt 🙂 I can wear tight clothes again w/o feeling self conscious. This stuff is amazing. No loose skin….not negative side effects or anything. Just pure loss and a gain of confidence. I am glad I tried this. I will be in phase 3 in about 10 more days.  I will do my best to remember to update this blog too. But, feel free to message me with questions, etc. I do have pictures to prove my loss…but for some reason, this site is having an issue with the file type I try to upload..and I do not understand how to change such things so that they can be uploaded. Anyhow…just so you know…I bought my drops from www.justpotent.com. I got the oral homeopathic HCG drops + amino acids. You take it three times a day and wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything. You drink a TON of water…the more the better I have discovered. And you follow the protocol. It comes with a downloadable and printable protocol too. I highly recommend it!

So, I have to jump off and get some house stuff done before helping make dinner- ya’ll have a great night!



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