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It’s crazy out there! December 5, 2013

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This is a crazy time of the year, do you agree? Generally, we would like to think that others would be  “more kind” to one another. Right? Well, did you happen o catch the black Friday sales? Or, perhaps you watched the news and saw the reaction of others? Me… I stayed at home. It’s crazy out there. People were shot…I mean, actually shot! Police officers were pulled by vehicles through parking lots! Others were trampled on and set to the hospital. It’s insane to think of how people react to a sale. I’d rather keep my sanity. I’d rather stay safe.

The weird thing is that Cyber Monday followed Black Friday, and there were a ton of amazing deals online! Waiting for these sales could have saved a lot of people jail time, hospital bills, and the large headache I am sure most of them had.People are scary. I live in my own little world most of the time… and I am so thankful to be able to do it. There are children being raped… murdered… for no reason at all. There are mothers drowning their babies! How messed up is that?

I watched a video the other day where a girl, no more then 10 years old, had a basket of newborn black puppies.  She was on a cliff above a river. She was laughing… smiling… she would reach down, and one after the other, she would grab these small, whimpering, puppies and chuck them as hard as she could across the steadily flowing river. One even hit the side of the cliff a little further down. Why in the world would anyone do such a thing? What is wrong with this little girl. Where are the morals that should exist? Even if parents are not there for children, as they should be, there still exist common sense and innate knowledge or perception of right and wrong.

It’s so sad.

I am so bummed out right now. :/

I’ll right more later 🙂


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