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About Me July 20, 2011

Brandy Ates is a 26-year-old mother of four, married and living in Florida. She began this blog site as a member of Team Beachbody at the beginning of 2011, and soon afterwards recognized the commitment of being a coach for Beachbody and what it would mean. She began coaching to help others, and soon realized that she was able to do more than just coach, she was able to help her family with an extra income! Currently, Brandy has resigned as an Independent Beachbody coach due to many personal things occurring in her life, but hopes to rejoin with the title within the few years!

Brandy says, “I have a love and a joy for helping others, in addition to the thrill I get from marketing and running a business. With all of the experience I have gained through college for business, I feel it is a love and an obligation to put those skills to great use!”

Message from Brandy: What am I here for?

Simple. I am a stay at home mom of four. I work on college full-time online; I am currently working on my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. And, I was a Beachbody Coach full-time as well. I seemed to be able to do everything normal life calls for, college, kids, house, hubby, and coaching, and still fit in an hour workout every day, until recently, but more on that later. I amaze myself sometimes…LOL. However, everyone needs a break to handle things that come up, and I am currently taking that break! I can still help everyone with fitness and health if they are interested or need some great advice, and I can recommend someone to help them with purchasing Beachbody products if they are interested, but I no longer sell them myself.

I started coaching at the beginning of this year because I wanted to encourage others and help them achieve success physically and mentally, the same way I have. I believe that one of the most important aspects for getting in shape and building yourself up mentally to stay in shape is access to support and encouragement! That’s what I am here for… to receive and give that encouragement and support, to rant and rave, and just discuss everyday life!

Let me visit a familiar topic for you all in relation to weight. Although I am not currently coaching, I have struggled with losing weight and keeping if off for years.

Born in Atlanta. Ga., raised all over Florida….the highlight of my youth was being involved in as much as possible. By 12th grade, I was in AFJROTC, attending as many boot camps as they’d let me, taking flight training, on the Varsity Volleyball team at the school, modeling for Miss America, in honors classes, and dual enrolled in college. I was a busy girl, and I wore size 0-3 in pants and extra small shirts.

In the middle of my senior year, I met a guy. Little did I know he would turn out to be a mistake and an abusive man to me. At the time, I didn’t know what I know now. I went for it…confused and love struck, I bailed out of everything, thinking the only way to keep him was to abandon dreams of joining the air force and becoming a pilot. Before I graduated and actually made the decision to bail on everything, I found out I was pregnant. That pregnancy was one of two. I am out of the mess I got myself into, and married to an amazing man, who is the Network Administrator for the local hospital, and I have two step-children, and two biological children that love me enormously.

Having children takes a toll on your body. I have stretch marks (can anyone recommend a good solution for these?) and weight that I never could get rid of! It’s so frustrating! I weighed 140 lbs January 2009, when I first met my husband. I became a diet fanatic. I can probably give you a review on just about any diet pill in the U.S… I have tried so many! The reason I tried so many is because after being with John (the hubby) for a year, I grew comfortable and let myself unconsciously put on weight. By Feb. 2010, I weighed 168 lbs! The largest I have ever been…and the weight did not look good on me either! I was disgusted with myself, and fed up (that’s when I started hitting the diet pills).

My self-confidence collapsed and I found myself exhausted. Finally, I found a pill that worked… Alli. After taking the pill for 2 1/2 months, I was down to 138 lbs. I was proud but still not where I wanted to be (I believe I just needed toning). The pills, after 3 months, no longer did anything for me. I suppose my body adapted. And then, the weight started coming back. Eh.

I maintained my weight at 140 for months (by Dec 2010), and then, gained a bit more over the last few months. I stayed in the range of 143- 152.

The only thing I keep thinking is “remember what you looked like at 165? Well, you’re on your way there again”. It’s disappointing that I am back to needing to lose weight and get fit. Two months ago, I weighed in at 151 lbs. This was lower than my original weight of 168lbs though. However, at the beginning of 2012, I weighed in at 161 (eh. Those 60s again)…so I tried HCG. It worked! I lost 25 lbs total. After I came off of the HCG program, I gained 5 lbs back within a week. At that point, I weighed 141 lbs. Over time, until two months ago, I gained back some weight… weighing in at 151 lbs. That doesn’t make me very happy at all. I started HCG again…I am currently at 141 lbs. I didn’t lose anywhere near what I lost on the first round of HCG!

So…now…my decision is to start Insanity again. Whew…that’s a lot more work than writing it! LOL! Wish me luck. I have been using Thermogenic Push though… one pill, twice a day. It gives me the energy I need to get things done, including a workout and some treadmill action.  Typically, I have absolutely NO energy. I am going to put everything I have into it! No more cheating and trying diet pills, but the good old fashion way, hard work and effort! I am determined to get fit and healthy and look good because of it!

So, this is me, today…Who are you? Tell me about yourself.


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Harv Whitman Says:

    Hi Brandy, As I posted in G+, nice new blog. I can’t believe you have time with all you have going in your life. Sounds like my wife Judy, up at 5, an hour or more of exercise then full speed ahead until bed time. She and I take care of our weight eating healthy low glycemic meals and supplementing them with top quality protein shakes and vitamins. It works well for us and others we know. We met later in life after equally difficult pasts. Her husband had a heart attack early and left her with 2 young boys, and I lost my wife to prescription pain meds. To make a long story short, we met at church and have a beautiful loving marriage. We are each others best friends, and schedule date nites as often as we can. I wish that for everyone. Good luck on your blog, and your busy schedule. Make a date nite with your husband. Kindest regards, Harv Whitman

    • Harv,

      Thanks so much for the words of encouragment and the background on your family and life choices! You are very inspirational to have overcome such a past, and so is your wife. The best of luck to you and your family! I am personally amazed when two people find one another and they mesh extremely well together. It is the same with my husband and I. We are each others best firend, and we enjoy doing as much as we can together and with our combined family. My husband has Creatine and Whey Protein that he uses when we works out. it seems to do him justice (He plans to start up again soon). With so much going on in our lives, we have been slacking on our goals of getting fit and staying fit. So, the new goals are to stop slacking! LOL!.

      The other day my son started first grade. I took him to class and then stopped by his kindergarten teachers class just to say hi and see how her summer went. I was amazed to find that I did not even recognize her! She went from a size 18 to a size four in six months time. Simply amazing! She is now my new motivation for getting the body I want. She did it by going to her doctor, which prescribed her an appetite surpressant (which I do not need…my appetite is very small) and told her to go buy Dr. Caputo’s Amino burners from the local health store ($30)…combine that with one hour a day exercising, and no more than 30 fat grams a day. She also was told to cut out caffine of any kind, cheese and nuts. So…needless to say, I am going to attempt to make these same lifestyle changes…LOL


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  5. Sonny Disano Says:

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    • Sonny, thanks for visiting the site. I do not own the rights to many of the blogs in the advice and check it out sections… some of them, I do… but most of the articles have other authors (one’s which are stated in the post for credit 🙂 ). I am lucky to have found such greatly written material to share with you and others 🙂 Enjoy, and I hope to see ya again!

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