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It’s crazy out there! December 5, 2013

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This is a crazy time of the year, do you agree? Generally, we would like to think that others would be  “more kind” to one another. Right? Well, did you happen o catch the black Friday sales? Or, perhaps you watched the news and saw the reaction of others? Me… I stayed at home. It’s crazy out there. People were shot…I mean, actually shot! Police officers were pulled by vehicles through parking lots! Others were trampled on and set to the hospital. It’s insane to think of how people react to a sale. I’d rather keep my sanity. I’d rather stay safe.

The weird thing is that Cyber Monday followed Black Friday, and there were a ton of amazing deals online! Waiting for these sales could have saved a lot of people jail time, hospital bills, and the large headache I am sure most of them had.People are scary. I live in my own little world most of the time… and I am so thankful to be able to do it. There are children being raped… murdered… for no reason at all. There are mothers drowning their babies! How messed up is that?

I watched a video the other day where a girl, no more then 10 years old, had a basket of newborn black puppies.  She was on a cliff above a river. She was laughing… smiling… she would reach down, and one after the other, she would grab these small, whimpering, puppies and chuck them as hard as she could across the steadily flowing river. One even hit the side of the cliff a little further down. Why in the world would anyone do such a thing? What is wrong with this little girl. Where are the morals that should exist? Even if parents are not there for children, as they should be, there still exist common sense and innate knowledge or perception of right and wrong.

It’s so sad.

I am so bummed out right now. :/

I’ll right more later 🙂


The Elements of a Successful Sales Plan August 21, 2012

So, I am currently in a MKT 445 course… the last course for my Bachelors Degree! YAY! Soon, that piece of paper will be framed and hanging on the wall by my Associates Degree and my commencement photo!!! I am super excited.

I am horrible at sales. Have I ever told you that??? Well, I am telling you now. I have a friend that is AMAZING at them! He can pretty much sell to anyone, anywhere, anything. It is astounding how some people are so gifted in that area. I am definitely NOT  one of them, LOL! Well, anyhow. While doing an assignment, I stumbled across a website that lays out the elements of a successful business plan (we are creating a business plan for a Learning Team Assignment throughout this course. I wanted to share that link and the post with everyone. While I am not great at sales, I know the information was helpful and could benefit others. ~Brandy~


The Elements of a Successful Sales Plan

Want your sales to skyrocket? Then build a strategic and tactical sales plan that will launch you far past your sales expectations.
BY Tony Parinello- March 1, 2004

Q: I’m developing a sales plan for my business. What elements should I include?


A: OK, my sales plan…Let’s see, it’s around here somewhere…Is it the first week of March already? It’s the first week of the last month of the first quarter, and I don’t have my sales plan written! Oh, thank you for giving me a wake-up call. I totally forgot to write my 2004 sales plan!


How about you and I create our battle plan together? I guarantee that by the end of this article, you’ll know the “who, where, why, when and how” that will drive your sales work so you’ll exceed your quota for this year.


A Sales Plan Defined Our sales plan should be short, simple and to the point. It’s basically our strategic and tactical plan for acquiring new business, growing our existing book of business and making and/or exceeding our sales quota within our sales territory. Typically, a healthy mix would include 75 percent of your sales quota from new business and 25 percent of your quota from add-on business from your existing customers.


There are four basic parts of a sales plan:

  1. New business acquisition strategies
  2. New business acquisition tactics
  3. Existing business growth strategies
  4. Existing business growth tactics


Before you start, you need to get a handle on some definitions:

  • Sales quota: This critical element of your plan sets the tempo of your efforts throughout the year and provides quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily sub-goals for you to achieve.
  • Sales territory: Refers to the geographic area, list of named accounts or specific market niche you have been assigned to in which you are to sell your products, services and solutions.
  • Strategies: The plan necessary to accomplish your goal.
  • Tactics: The steps necessary to carry out the plan.

New Business Acquisition Strategies and Tactics

Include the following four strategies in your sales plan. Remember, these strategies are all designed to capture new customers and new market share. Important note: The strategies are numbered and the tactics are italicized.


1. Exceed my quota.

  • Send no less than 50 letters of introduction to new prospects each week.
  • Make no less than 50 cold calls of introduction to new prospects each week.
  • Make no less than 20 face-to-face contacts with new prospects each week.
  • Create no less than 10 proposals each week.
  • Make no less than five presentations each week.

Important note: Your numbers will, of course, vary. What’s important here is that you calculate exactly how many contacts you’ll need to make in order to achieve your sales quota. Click herefor four easy steps that will help you calculate your “prospecting ratio.”


2. Increase awareness in the marketplace of my products, services and solutions.

  • Join and participate in no less than three professional associations and organizations that my best prospects and customers belong to.
  • Attend any and all trade shows and conventions that my best prospects and customers attend.
  • Purchase the mailing list of these associations and organizations and send either a postcard or a letter of introduction.
  • On a regular basis, contribute articles and white papers that address the interests and concerns of this population.


3. Increase awareness in the community of my products, services and solutions.

  • Attend all Chamber of Commerce networking events.
  • Volunteer to speak at no less than 12 various organizations in my territory that have an interest in my product, service and solutions.
  • Volunteer my time at three nonprofit organizations.
  • Join and participate in no less than three networking groups, such as Le Tip or Business Networking International.


4. Obtain referrals from all my new customers.

  • Within 30 days of delivering my product, service or solution, I will ask each of my new customers for at least three names and phone numbers of someone they personally know who may have a use for my products, services and solutions.
Parinello, T. (2004). The Elements of a Successful Sales
. Retrieved from http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/69864

How To Get Photographic Memory Instantly- Whoo-Hoo!

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Oh wow… I just had to share this article I stumbled upon the other day. Since reading it, and trying the techniques out…I have not been able to forget the associations, LOL! It is truly amazing how the brain works! Anyhow, check it out and give me some feedback on how it worked for you and your thoughts… I’d really love to hear what everyone thinks!!!! The link is: http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/skill-toolbox/acquire-a-photographic-memory-in-3-minutes-guaranteed/ but, I am posting the article below!!!! ~Brandy~

How To Get Photographic Memory Instantly

Published by Mike Michalowicz on December 1, 2008
Before you read this post I need you to make me a promise. I need you to promise that you will email me after you read this post and tell me that you were able to do something that you knew was impossible. Then, I want you to promise me that you will never again believe anything to be impossible, that you will commit to finding a way, no matter what.OK, OK, it’s a big promise. But by the end of this post you will be chomping at the bit to email me, I assure you.

Ready? Here we go…

Do you have a photographic memory? If someone tested you right now, I would bet you don’t have a photographic memory. Actually 99.997% of the world population doesn’t have it, so I doubt you do.  Or better said, I doubt you believe you do.

If I gave you 20 random items to remember – in order – could you do it? Let’s try it out. Read this list and try to remember all 20 items on the list in order.

1. Rusty razor blade, 2. Goalie mask, 3. Red VW bug, 4.Blender, 5. Coffee cup, 6. Brown paper bag, 7. Chess set with a broken white king piece, 8.Marble statue, 9.Megaphone, 10. Shower curtain, 11. Canopy bed, 12. Plaid wool blanket, 13. Pencil, 14. Salt shaker, 15. Wooden baseball bat, 16. Private jet, 17. White apron, 18.Button, 19. Superman costume, 20. Fluorescent light bulb

Now from memory, write down the seventh item on the list. No cheating! Next, write down the third item, then the 17th item, and finally the 12th item. If you’re not sure, just give your best guess.

How many did you get? None, right? (If you did get one or two right, you’re amazing! You should be a spy. Stop reading this post and call the CIA.)

The truth is, you DO have a photographic memory. You just don’t know it yet.  And since you never believed you could do it, you probably never tried.  And by not trying you have affirmed yourself to be right… that you DON’T have a photographic memory.  But I am here to tell you, that you do.

There’s a method to help you unlock your natural ability to remember things photographically. If you follow this method, you will harness that power by the end of this blog post.

Here is how you do it:

First, you must BELIEVE that it is possible for you to have a photographic memory. More than that, you must BELIEVE that it it’s EASY to have a photographic memory – especially for you.

The trick is, your mind work best with pictures and associations, not repetition. So the first step to your new-found photographic memory is to create an association of pictures. Start by memorizing an easy rhyming list of pictures for each number, one through ten. This will be your anchor list. Here’s what I use, and suggest you use the same:

1. Gun

2. Shoe

3. Tree

4. Floor

5. Bee hive

6. Pile of sticks

7. Heaven

8. Skate

9. Slime

10. Hen

Next review the random list of 20 random items below.  Here’s the list I will use as an example for the rest of the exercise:

1. Golden goose egg, 2. Firefly, 3. Paint roller, 4. Diamond ring, 5. Stop sign, 6. Kitchen table, 7. Ticket stub, 8. Leather jacket 9. Ice cream cone, 10. ATM machine, 11. Scalpel, 12. Champagne bottle, 13. Stroller, 14. Couch, 15. Rose bush, 16. Swimsuit, 17. Rotting apple, 18. Candy cane, 19. Cowboy boots, 20. Train

Now, when you look at the first item on the new list (golden goose egg), associate it with the first word from the anchor list (gun). For example, picture a gun shooting out a golden goose egg. Picture it in detail, your arm holding out a gun, smoke rising from the gun, and a golden goose egg shooting out.  The more details, the better. The more color to your mental picture, the better.

Visualize a connection between the second word (firefly) and the corresponding word on your anchor list (shoe).  Picture the firefly trying to carry a shoelace off the shoe. Imagine how hard the firefly is trying, how small the firefly is compared to the shoe, whatever detail you can conjure up to connect the firefly with the shoe.

Before you move on to the third item on the random list of things, recap the first two.  What was the gun shooting? Right, the golden goose egg.  How about the shoe?  What was going on there?  Right a firefly was trying to take off with the shoelace in tow. Then start on the next word. Keep doing this for the first ten items on the list.

Now stack the pictures. When you get to the eleventh item (scalpel), go back to the first image (a gun shooting out the golden goose egg) and add the scalpel to it. For example, you might have a scalpel stuck in the golden goose egg that is shooting out of the gun.  Gross yoke nastiness flying out, just for effect.

Continue to the next object.  For example, the firefly that is trying to pickup the shoe’s shoelace, now has to struggle with one itsy bitsy arm to lift the Champagne bottle he is carrying (Dom Perignon that he bought on sale, of course).  Oh, the horrible life a firefly can lead.   Follow this stacking method for the remaining objects on the list.

Congratulations, you now have a photographic memory! Don’t believe me? Let’s test it out. Use your anchor list to guide you.  I don’t expect you to have the rhyming down just yet, so it’s OK to look at the anchor list of above.

Let’s start with, hmmm, number two.  Two is shoe.  OK, what is happening with the shoe? Right!  The firefly.  OK how about number eight.  Eight is skate, and what did you have going on with the skate?  Excellent!  Now number 11.  OK the anchor for 11 was the gun. Since it is over 10, it is going to be the stacked image… OK, what was going on with the gun.  Yes, the golden egg. And what’s stacked with the egg. YES!  The scalpel. Try it for five, now.  How about 18?  How about ten and then 20?  Damn… You are good. No, no.  You are really good.

Surprised? Did you just achieve the impossible?

You’re welcome. Now email me.  

BTW – If you are interested in learning more about the subject, read this book (my personal favorite): Moonwalking With Einstein by Joshua Foer


Michalowicz, M. (2008). How to Get Photographic Memory
. Retrieved from
http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/skill-toolbox/acquire-a-photographic-memory-in-3-minutes-    guaranteed/



August 8, 2012

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Amazing take on food in advertising by Todd- great job, love it!


I’ve noticed that whenever you see food advertised, more often than not it’s flying through the air. There must be some psychological weakness that we all have that equates airborne food with “Why yes, I must eat Go-Gurt now.”

I realized this last night when I was watching TV. There was an ad for granola or muesli or something, and every time they showed the product, it was either being tossed through the air or scattered across a table or raining down from the heavens. But what was strange is that I didn’t even think anything of it. It’s just something we’re all used to seeing. Next time you’re in a movie theater, notice that even the ads before the movie ascribe to this marketing device. There’s the bucket of popcorn being forcibly thrust up through the mountainous pile of kernels lining the bottom of the screen, sending popcorn flying…

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Hey everyone… I want to give a shout out to all of my family and friends… My little sister will be shaving her head in October..That is right…SHAVING HER HEAD! It’s for St. Baldricks… to help cancer children. She has a website and is taking donations. I would like for her to meet her goal, but it would be better if we could help her exceed her goal!  The link to her website is



Please, please, please check out the link… Even if you are unable to donate, please share her cuase and the link to her page with everyone you know or come into contact with. The cause is worth it. I promise!


An overdue update, LOL July 10, 2012

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Wow, it has been a while since my last post- sorry about that! Things have been crazy here…on a personal level. And, although this is a personal blog, I cannot really go into detail about everything going on. I will touch base though…..

I attended my graduation ceremony a little more than a month ago for my Bachelors in Business Administration! It was very thrilling to attend it, and I found myself becoming jealous over the graduates for the Masters and Doctoral programs. So, with that feeling came a decision to continue and recieve my MBA with a concentration in Healthcare (Since we are either military or healthcare in my area). It’s a big decision for me…mainly because I keep hearing myself tell everyone how “tired” I am of reading…how “tired” I am of doing school work, and how “tired” I am of working on teams… But, the truth of the matter is…in the “real” world…there are teams, due dates, and research that must be done- no matter what. Stopping and not continuing on doesn’t rid me of the responsibilities that will come with a new job. Unfortunately, I am still worried, although I have made the final decision to continue on. My worry is over my knowledge. I am intellegent; I know that. I can work out hypothetical situations well, or so I think. I make great decisions; I know this. BUT… I do not remember things as well as I think I am suppose to be remembering them. For example…how much from college courses should a person remember when they are two or three more courses into the future? Because, unless I relook over text from previous courses, I do not remember much. It worries me because getting a good, well-paying job, with the use of my degrees should be dependent upon how much I know and how well I can do the job. If I cannot remember most of what I am learning currently when it is the future, then how am I able to go into a job with the knowledge I need? I am trying not to cut myself short here, but it is hard to believe that I will retain the neccessary knowledge to work for a company that hires me because of my degrees; makes me want to stick with waitressing or something of the sort. I know I do well with people…I know I can complete tasks…I just need guidelines, a steady diciplined environment, and the opportunity. That is the big “kicker”; I need the opportunity.

Companies want a degree…. I have those, and more to come. But, they also want experience…well, I have been busting my “butt” trying to earn degrees, retain knowledge, raise children, and deal with all of the things that are being thrown my way in a personal relation. I have not had the opportunity to go out and “GET” experience. I have been looking for volunteer or internship programs in my city..but there are not any that I have found that can help me with the “experience” aspect of the formula. It’s a disturbing realization to say the least.

My one opportunity to do something I excel at, proofreading, has now fell thorugh because of unforseen circumstances, all of which are completely out of my control and understanding. Now, I am left with nothing. I am not a quitter by any means, and I will keep looking. But, I am certainly starting to feel disappointed in my self, as well as the job market.

HCG and working out again…

I started HCG again about 30 days ago. I lost 12 pounds this time (I lost 25 the first time). I was hoping to lose far more than 12 pounds, put I guess it just wasn’t working out as well this round for me, LOL. Anyhow…I am in phase three of the four phase cycle, where I am able to eat a larger variety…so, that takes a little bit of my stress and throws it out the door. Seriously, I feel like I just hit the ball out of the park and into a window…lol (into a window because I can still not have cheese sticks or bread…lol). And today is supposed to start the beginning of the hubby and I starting to exercise again…and somewhat together… He want to do weights and the treadmill (which they got me for mother’s day, btw). Last time we worked out together I lost weight and felt way better about myself, but we were doing Insanity from Beachbody, and I was using Shakeology…which was SO yummy! I do not really have the funds to do Shakeology again :(, but, I still have my Insanity program… However, he says that is too intense and he does not want to do it :(. I am good about working out on my own, while he is working… but, I tend to lose motivation to work out alone after a week goes by, and then I stop. Yeah, I know…I said I am not a quitter, so that doesn’t sit well with me…

On another note…

I made a new friend recently, well, a few new friends. Michelle is really nice, although we barely talk… but when we do it is nice to have someone of her demeanor to talk with. My new best friend seems to be a girl named Brooke. I really like her, and we get along extremely well. She thinks a lot like I do, and is extremely easy to listen to and talk with about pretty much everything. 🙂 I do miss my other best friend Susan though…I haven;t talked with her much lately, and I know it is because we are both so busy…but it still stinks, lol

We signed our son up for football this year!!! He is so excited…and I am too. I cannot wait to see what time holds for these little guys :).

Well, I have to finish up a paper I have due today for school, so until next time…and hopefully not as far in the future as this post is from the last one!





Whew, what a week. March 1, 2012

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This week has been my first official week off of work. And my oh my has it been busy. I have been working towards getting the house back the way I want it, LOL….and also working out again. I started Zumba this past Monday. It has proven to be extremely fun 🙂 I like it a lot! I plan to do it for a month or so and then start back on my Insanity program. I have to get my body back into a workout schedule now, and I do not want to just JUMP into Insanity…becasue, well, let’s face it….Insanity really is INSANE, and I do not want to kill myself. LMAO. 🙂

Kids are doing great, btw. Grades still improving too. Speaking of grades…I am in a finance course right now in college, and it is kicking my butt. I am still passing, no issues there…but it is taking a toll on my brain. I also joined a company called Simple Solutions IT. It is an amazing company, but I will exaggerate on that another time I think. Anyhow, I jump wanted to jump on before heading out the door to pick my son up from school….I hope everyone is doing awesome today!



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